If you need Guest Custom Data to be filled in for an appointment booked online or by phone, then you can email the guest a link to the form. The information submitted by the guest is automatically captured into the system, and will show in the guest’s profile Custom Fields tab.
Note: Based on your organization settings, the guest may need to log in using the username and password to view or enter information in the form. Read Preventing Unauthorized Access to Guest Custom Data Form.

To email the custom guest data form to the guest’s email address, ensure the following:

  • There are enough email and text (SMS) credits in the center to send email notifications. You can view your available credits in the right panel in the organization and center level.  
    Note: To purchase email/text credits, go to Purchase SMS and email credits.

  • The Guest Data Form template is turned On in the EMAIL/TEXT tab (Admin > Organization >Email/Texts). Read Configuring Email Notification for Guest Data Form.

  • The guest has a valid email address registered in the guest profile.

Use one of the following methods to send a link to the guest custom data form:

  • Appointment book 

  • Guest Profile

Email from the Appointment Book

To email the link to the guest from the appointment book:

  1. On the appointment book, click the guest's appointment block.

  2. Click Send Guest Profile Link from the context menu.

Email from the Guest's Profile

To email the link to the guest from the guest profile:

  1. Navigate to the guest profile

  2. Click the Send Guest Profile Link button at the top of the guest's profile page. 

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