The V1 Digital Form in Zenoti, allows you to capture additional guest related information beyond the regular details provided at the time of creating a new guest profile. Based on your business requirements, you can create your own guest custom fields for collecting guest information, make certain fields mandatory, and select how the fields should appear on the form. Typically, guest custom fields are created to record a guest’s medical condition or to create a regular guest sign-up form.  However, it could vary based on the organization's needs. 

Using Zenoti, you can capture guest data in the following two ways: 

  • Manually enter information: Enter information into each guest custom field manually. For more information, see Manually Entering Details in Guest Form.

  • Sending an email: Send an email to the guest with the link to the guest custom data form.  Email the form from the Appointment Book or from the guest profile. Once the guest completes the form, the information gets automatically captured in Zenoti. For more information, see Emailing the Guest Form.

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