The following is the list of additional changes to Appointment Book and POS:

  • Print Insurance Statement for Massage Therapy Treatments (Specific to Canada): Centers based in Canada can now print an insurance statement with the necessary details for use by the insurance carriers for Massage Therapy treatments. Once you enable the statement for your center, you can print the statement by clicking the Insurance link on the invoice.

  • Record More Details for Custom Payments: The system now enables you to include a textbox to enter additional notes for selected Custom Payment methods. For example, if you want to track the coupon number for Groupon transactions, you can enable the textbox for the Groupon Custom Payment type to enter the number. Note that you need to enable the textbox in the Admin module for each custom payment type you want.You can access the information for various such custom payments as follows:
    - Go to the guest profile.
    - Click the Payments tab.
    - For the corresponding invoice, see the information in the Additional
      Data column .

  • Auto-Generate the Gift Card Number: The system now enables you to auto-generate gift card numbers rather than manually entering them at the time of selling a Gift Card. We've included an option at the organization level (Admin > Organization > Settings > Invoice and Payment) to enable the auto-generation and enter the start value, so the system incrementally assigns the starting value to the next gift card that is sold. For example, if you enable auto-generation of Gift Card number, and set up the seed value as 100, the first card you sell is assigned 100, and the next card you sell is automatically assigned 101.

  • Control Access to Guest Profile: You can now restrict access to guest profile to just the Appointments tab. For example, if you need to allow the staff to access Appointment Book but hide other details, such as the the guest's purchase history of products or memberships, configure the employee's role to restrict access to Appointments tab.

  • See the Relevant Therapists At the Time of Bookings: When you book an appointment from the Appointment Book, POS, or even the Webstore, the system now shows only the names of the therapists who are eligible to perform the selected service in the Therapist list. That means, after you assign a few therapists to a service, you cannot see the name of any other therapists while booking the service.

  • Increased Time Slots to Send Appointment Reminders: When you are setting up an appointment reminder, you can now use time slots prior to 12 PM. For example, if you want to send out an appointment reminder email to your guests on the previous day of their appointment, you can schedule the reminder for any time slot from 6 AM to 10 PM of the day.


The following is the list of additional changes to Target Segments:

  • Better Formatting of the Exported Target Guest Addresses: When you export the guest records in a target segment to Excel, the system now shows the guest address in separate fields, making it easy for you to use mail merge and send mails to your target customers. The spreadsheet includes the following address fields:
    - Address 1
    - Address 2
    - CityCountry
    - StateZip Code/Postal Code


The following is the list of additional changes to Reports:

  • Track Royalty Based on Collections: Now, you can track a center’s royalty based on its collections, rather than just sales. To do so, on the Accounting Reports - Royalty page (Admin > Reports > Accounting > Royalty), select Collections from the list. The report shows the royalty amounts based on the collections from each item type. Click the royalty amount from an item to open its Collection by Item Type report, which lists all invoices along with hyperlinks that are accounted for.  For example, if you want to analyze the Service collections based royalty, click the amount shown in the Service Royalty column to open the Collection by Item report for Service collections.

  • Track Service Hours by Business Unit: Daily Summary report now shows the service hours spent by each Business Unit per day. We’ve added the Service Hours column under the Business Unit Sales Summary section at the bottom of the report. Note that the Service Hours are calculated as follows:
    - Total time spent on all services whose invoices have been closed on
       the given day.
    - The actual time spent on those services, and not the service time
       configured by the admin.

  • Track Daily Collections by Card and Custom Payment Type: You can now track your center's daily collection by the type of cards as well as the type of custom payment type. We've included two options in the Daily Summary report, selecting any of which provides further details about your card and custom payment collections:
    - Show CC types
    - Split custom payment type
    For example, if you select the Show Custom Payment Type option in the report, the system shows the collections made using different types of custom payments on the given day, as shown in the image below.

  • View Recurring Membership Collections by Membership Category: You can now view the collections from your recurring memberships by each membership category.  We’ve added the Membership Category filter to the following three reports for recurring membership collections (Admin > Reports > Collections):
    - Collections - Recurring Memberships (Summary)
    - Collections – Recurring Memberships (Detail)
    - Collections – Projected Recurring Memberships.

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