1. Open the Appointment Info panel

In the Appointment Book, use one of the following methods to open the Appointment Info panel:

  • Option 1: Click an open time slot of a service provider, and then select New Appointment.

Option 2: If the appointment is for an existing guest, enter the guest's name, email, phone, or code in the Search box, and then click Book against the relevant record.

The Appointment Info panel or the Booking Panel opens.

Option 3: In the Booking Panel, you can pull up details of a guest’s last five visits from the Last Visit link to book such services again. See the following screenshot for details.
You can use this screen to upsell services taken in the past or adjust the sale price according to the price paid by a guest in the past (if you have the required permissions). 

Points to Remember

  • If a guest took a Day Package in any of her last five visits, the Day Package appears in this list of services that you can book again. 

  • If a guest took two services in each of her last five visits, this panel shows ten services. 

  • Add-ons do not appear as part of the list of services from past visits. 

  • If a guest took a service earlier (say, Hair Treatment) and this service is not associated with your center, Zenoti greys out the checkbox against the service. You cannot book such a service again.

  • After you select a service that you want to book again, you must select the Provider, Room, and Equipment to complete the booking.

  • Services you book again from this window are not considered as rebooked services. 

  • Zenoti picks the price associated with the service at the center and displays it here.

2. Specify guest details

Learn how to add a new guest or select an existing guest
Note: When you book an appointment or check-in a guest with a suspended membership, an alert appears displaying the details of the suspended membership. 

3. Add services

Learn how to add service details

4. [Optional] View services in an appointment.
    Right-click an appointment that has more than one service and select Show                  Services in Visit.

5. Other options

6. Save the appointment or collect payment    

Click Save to complete the booking, or click Take Payment if you want to proceed to the payment directly.

7. [Optional] Upsell a Package

If a guest likes a particular service (say, 15 minutes feet massage at $40), while checking her out, you can upsell a series package with the same service (3 feet massages at $90). The guest would like to buy this series package and redeem the (first) feet massage service from the package. 

You can add the appropriate series package directly to the service invoice. A message appears on the POS screen stating that the service has been automatically redeemed from the series package (that has just been added to the invoice).  

Prerequisite: The organization level setting, Enable Redemptions on Open package, must be turned ON.
Note: This feature is also available in Zenoti Mobile (iOS).

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