Important: To be able to refund the purchase price of services, you must have the required permissions. Your Admin can set the permissions for each role at the organization level by accessing Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Role Name > Permissions tab > Appointment Book > Service Refund.
The administrator and owner roles have this permission by default.

1.  In the Appointment Book, open the guest's profile.

The Guest Details page appears.

2. Select the Appointments tab.

The tab displays a list of all the appointments made by the guest.

3. Look for the invoice whose value you want to refund, and then do one of the following:

  • Click the Refund icon in the Refund column of the invoice

  • Click the invoice number, and then click I want to > Refund Invoice.     

The Refund Invoice window appears.

4. On the Select Items page, select the services you want to refund and enter the amount to be refunded in the Refund Amount field.

5. Click Select Refund Mode.

The Payment Methods page appears. 

6. Choose how you want to refund the payment. Learn how

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