Option 1: Refund Using One or More Payment Types

Note: You will only see those payment types that have been enabled for your role at the organization level.

1.  Select Refund amount can be split across one or more below options.

2. Enter the refund amount in the corresponding box of the payment type you want to use or split the amount across multiple payment types.

3. If you are refunding to a credit card, or through a check or custom payment, click
    the transaction details icon to enter the details.
4. Click Refund.
    An alert appears asking for a confirmation to process refund and close invoice.

5. Click Process Refund & Close Invoice.
Zenoti refunds the guest and closes the invoice. 


  • If you are using a gift card or a credit card as the payment type, you can only refund the amount to the card that the guest had used to pay for the service.

  • For integrated credit processing, you are not required to enter the card details, since Zenoti automatically refunds the amount to the card from which the amount was received. However, if the payment was made through a debit card, you will receive an alert to swipe the debit card, after which, Zenoti completes the refund process. 

4. Click Refund.

The Point of Sale (POS) window opens and displays the refunded amounts.  

Option 2: Refund by Issuing a Prepaid Card

Select Issue Prepaid Card, and then click Refund.

The POS window opens and displays the refunded invoice with the prepaid card value (equal to the refund amount). A number for the card is assigned automatically.

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