1. Open Point of Sale.

  2. To search for an existing guest or create a new guest record, enter the required details.

  3. Locate and click the Packages tab.

  4. Search and select a series package.

  5. From the Sale By list, select the name of the employee who made the sale.

  6. Click Add Package.
    If there are any products that the guest needs to purchase as part of the package, the application alerts you with a message.

  7. Click OK.

  8. If applicable, you can add a manual or custom discount, campaign or membership benefit and add notes.

  9. In the Collect Payment section, select Credit.

  10. To create a payment schedule for the package, click Create Payment Schedule. Zenoti automatically creates a schedule for payment based on package settings. 

11. Click Save Schedules.
In this example, the package is configured to collect payment in 3 monthly installments and the installments are divided equally across the duration of payment. The guest's credit card is charged every month as per the schedule.

If the guest requests any changes in the schedule of payment, you can edit the predefined details and click Update Schedules.

12. To collect the payment the first time a guest avails a service from the package, click Collect payment.

13. Click Pay and close the invoice.

What happens when the auto-collection is in progress and the manager initiates a manual collection?

When an auto-collection is underway for an installment and the front-desk attempts payment simultaneously, a message alerts the front-desk staff that the payment is in process.

In the Collect Payment window, the option to collect payment changes to Pending collection.

When the auto-payment is complete, the Pending collection status changes to Payment collected.

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