A package is a group of services that is often offered at a discounted price. You can design four types of packages:

  • Day packages: These packages combine services that must be consumed in a single day.

  • Promo packages: These are short-term, promotional packages that are not regularly on your services menu. All services in a promo package must be consumed in a single day. You can use these to attract customers on special days or during a specific period. For example, create a Valentine’s package for the month of February or a summer special for your low season.

Important: You can create promo packages from the Marketing module if you already used promo packages for your business prior to the April 2020 product release. If your business went live on Zenoti after the April 2020 product release, you cannot create promo packages.

  • Series packages: Series packages contain services that can be used over multiple visits and can include bundled and free products. For example, a slimming clinic can offer 12 sessions of slimming treatments (each treatment separated by 15 days),  three bundled products and two free products. Setting up bundled products lets you decide which need to be sold with the package at the time of billing. For example, you can set up a package that requires the purchase of 3 products, one from the skin correction category and two from the cleansing category.

  • Custom packages: Administrators can create templates for custom packages. The front desk can then choose to create custom packages with or without these templates based on a customer’s needs. For example, the front-desk staff could create a slimming package based on the customer’s weight loss goal.

Tip: You can create Promo packages from the Marketing module and Day, Series, and Custom packages from the Admin module.

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