Series Packages are packages that offer a set of services and products, usually at a discounted price. Such packages have an expiry date - guests need to avail all the services of the Series Package within this time.

Note: As part of the package, you could sell products such as a shampoo, conditioner, creams, and oils.  

Example: You could have a Series Package for haircuts with 8 sessions plus 2 sessions free. You could have a validity of one year for this package - which means that guests will need to avail all 10 sessions within a year. As part of the package, you could sell products such as a shampoo and conditioner. 

Important: You can sell a Series Package only from the POS (Point of Sale). Guests can avail services of a Series Package only after making either full or partial payment. 

The cost of series packages is usually on the higher side since the guest needs to pay for a series of sittings. Guests may agree to pay the full amount upfront, pay as and when they avail the service or may want to pay in installments at regular intervals. Depending on the settings at your organizational level, you will be able to accept payments for Series Packages using any or all of these methods. 


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