In the day to day running of your business, you may need to modify or edit employee records. Zenoti makes it easy for you to search for employee records and make updates to them.  

To change an existing employee record:  

  1. At the center level, click the Employee icon and navigate to Employees > Employees. A list of employees in the current center appears.
    Note: You can export the entire list of employees to Excel, PDF, or CSV using the appropriate icons. 

  2. Search for an employee record. You can search for an employee using their first name, last name, phone number, email, employee code, tag, username, or nickname.

3. Click the name of the employee.
    The Edit Employee page opens.
    Example: You could use this page to do any of the following:

  • Unlock an employee's profile.

  • Reset employee’s password or check employee’s username if employees forget these login credentials.

  • Update employee Preferences around receiving SMS and emails. 

  • Update employee roles.

  • Update the services an employee can perform. 

  • Modify commissions employees can earn from performing services, selling products, memberships, gift cards, and packages. 

  • Define pay rates.
    Note: You can see this option if your organization has enabled Classes. 

  • Use the catalog to upload employee's photo and services they can perform so that this information is available in the webstore and mobile app to guests while booking appointments using these channels.

Note: You cannot edit automatically generated employee codes.

6. Make the required changes to the employee record and click Save.
The employee record is updated.

Important: Though there is an option to delete employee records, it is recommended you use this option cautiously. When an employee leaves the organization, it is best to use the End Date field so that the employee record is available in the application for any future reference. Employees for whom you enter an End Date continue to appear in reports but employees you delete do not appear in reports.

The employee cannot access the application after the End Date. Also, such employees do not appear on the Appointment Book after the End Date.

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