After creating a target segment, you may want to get the entire list of eligible guests so that contacting a guest becomes easy. Zenoti allows you to get the guests list through an Export option.

Let's see how to export the details of eligible guests of a target segment.

To export guest details

  1. At the center level, click the Marketing icon. Go to Segmentation > Target Segments.
    The Manage Target Segment page appears.

  2. Using the Search option, look for a target segment.

  3. Click Export against the target segment. 

    Zenoti generates an Excel file, User Report.xls, that is automatically downloaded and saved into your computer. 

    Note: When dealing with large volumes of data, exporting the guest details may take longer than expected. In such scenarios, through an alert pop-up, you can choose to receive the details through an email.

    To do this, after clicking Export, when the alert pop-up appears, click Send Email.

  4. Open the Excel file and view the guest details.

    You can also view the first name and last name of the guests on the View page of the target segment.

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