The Service Data form allows you to capture additional data related to a service. For example, to effectively administer a hair spa service, you may need to know the guest’s hair type, or for a customized facial you would want to know and store the guest’s skin type. For these reasons, an automated email notification can be sent to the guests with a link to the service custom data form/consent form. 

Use the Custom service data form email template to configure and customize the automated email notification. It can be customized to include details such as center contact details, guest’s first name, service custom data link etc.

To configure and customize the email template for the Service Data Form:

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  2. Click the Email/Texts tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Guest section.

  4. Click Edit next to Service Data Form.

  5. On the Edit page, configure the Service Data Form - Email as follows:
    - Switch on the Email toggle to activate the email template.

    - Select the languages in which you want to send the notification.
    - To send an email copy (Cc), click Add to include recipients by username,
      employee role, or email.  
    For recipients added by role, all employees mapped to the role in the
      guest's base center receive the email notification.
    - Edit the Subject field and use the available macros (explained in the next
      section) if required.
    - Use the available macros to customize the content for plain text and HTML
    Click Full Screen in the editor to edit the text in full-screen mode.
      Depending on the recipient's browser, the email is delivered as plain text (no
      formatting and images) or HTML text (includes images, links, and formatting).
    - Click Send Test Email to send a test email and to view how the test email
      appears to your guest.
      Note: In the test email, macros will appear as is and will not be expanded.
      For example, if you have used [FirstName] macro in the email text such as
      'Hi [FirstName]' then, test mail continues to show 'Hi [FirstName]' and does
      not show actual first name of the receiver.

  6. Click Save.

Troubleshooting: There may be times when a guest may fail to receive the intended email. Learn more

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