At any point, you want to know the available stock in your center. It is imperative to know the movement of your inventory at any time and the count in each bucket: inflows and outflows, checkouts, consumptions and conversions, bundling/unbundling, restocks and discards, on-hand store and on-hand floor. 

In Zenoti, Current Stock gives you a report on your inventory since the last reconciliation. It also gives you the total stock value by considering the stock in all the buckets. You can refer to this report at any time in your day and decide on your procures and transfers.
Note: To know the value of your current stock, Zenoti recommends that you view the Value report. You can use this report to view the value of your stock for a period of time.

Current stock levels update with every:

  1. Reconciled Audit and Approved Reconciliation - updates opening quantity

  2. Received Purchase Order, Conversion, UnBundle, and Restock - updates inflow quantity

  3. Received Transfer Order - updates in-transit quantity

  4. Dispatched Transfer Order, Delivered Purchase Order, Sale, Consumption, Conversion, and Bundle - updates outflow quantity

: For businesses that have signed up with Zenoti after April 2020 release, the store and floor quantities are combined into a single quantity, called Current On-Hand quantity.

To review current stock levels for a center

  1. At the center level, navigate to
    - Inventory > Stock Levels > Retail > Current Stock for retail
    - Inventory > Stock Levels > Consumables > Current Stock for professional supplies

Important: You can also view the total on-hand stock for all centers at the org level.

Let’s say that you want to review the retail stock levels. On the navigation, you will see the following page:

If you have signed up with Zenoti after April 2020 release, you will see the following page:

Note: You can see the last reconciliation date to know how recent the opening quantities are.

2. On the Current Stock page, click a product name to view the history of all transactions that happened on it.
The Product Transaction History window for the product opens. You can look at the various stages the product has been through and how the product quantity and value is updated at each stage. 

3. Search for the products by:
a. Category/Subcategory
b. Vendor to which the products are associated in Zenoti
c. Value by: Average value or FIFO value
d. Stock Level

e. Time duration to view the product history in a specific window of time

4. Click the Refresh button to view the results based on the search criteria.
    A list of products in the current center

5. Click Export to export the current stock data to Excel or CSV format.

Your Admin can control how the current stock level is considered during checkouts, transfers, and conversions with the following setting at the Org level:

At center level, your Admin can control product sales with respect to available stock:

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