Learn about all possible criteria and operators to build custom target segments based on employee data.

Criteria: Status

Operators: is

Description: Targets all the active employees, and employees with no end date or a future end date in their employee records. Select the operator and then select Active from the list that appears.

Criteria: Tag


  • ​Untagged​​ - Guests who are not tagged at all

  • Not in​​ - Guests who are not tagged in specific tags

  • Any​​ - Guests who are tagged in any tag

Description: Targets the employees based the the tags applied to them. Select the operator and then click in the box that appears. From the list of tags that pop up, select one or more tags. 

Criteria: Tag Marked

Operators: in

Description: Targets employees based on the tags applied to them a specified number of days back. Select the operator, click in the box and select a tag. In the box below that, enter the number of days, so the system includes only those employees who are given the selected tags exactly the specified number of days ago.

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