A target segment is group of customers that share one or more characteristics. Zenoti provides 11 out-of-box templates to help you create a few commonly used target segments quickly.

However, if you want to group customers based on a different criteria, you can use the Custom Target Segment option. You can build a custom target segment based on a wide-range of categories such as demographics, service history, memberships, spends, and visits.

The system allows you to build multiple rules for a single target segment. When multiple rules are used for a target segment, the system includes the guests who meet all the criteria in the order of the rules. For example, if you build two rules based on City and Age respectively such as "Guests who live in Los Angeles" and "Guests who are less than 40 years old",  the system first identifies the guests in your system who live in Los Angeles, and from them filters guests who are less than 40.

Definition of Time Periods:

The system allows you to select time periods for your target segments across different criteria such as 1 week, 6 months, or 1 year. Use these definitions to understand them:
1 week: 7 days
1 month: 30 days
1 year: 365 days

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