Important Notes: 

  • You must have the required permissions to edit invoices.

  • You cannot change the payment type if you have a payment gateway integrated and the guest has made the payment using a credit card. 

To edit the payment details of a closed invoice

1.  Open the invoice whose payment details you want to change. 

    Learn how to open an invoice 

    The Invoice and Payment details window opens.   

2. In the Payment Details section, click the edit icon.

Note: The edit icon does not appear if the guest has made the payment using a credit card.

The Update Transaction dialog appears.

3. Change the payment type as required and add the corresponding payment information. For example, if you select Check as the payment type, add the required information. 

4. Click OK.
5. A message appears stating that the payment type is successfully updated.
    Click OK.

The invoice displays the updated payment type and details.
The following reference image shows the payment type changed from Cash to Check.

Note that the Paid On date remains unchanged. Only the Payment Type is updated and hence no reports are affected.

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