Permission required: To record a petty cash transaction, you must have the Petty Cash - View permission enabled for your role at the organization level
(Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Role Name > Permissions > Administrator).

Zenoti allows you to record the following petty cash transactions:

  • Expense: Records a petty cash expense transaction
    Example: Cash spent for a staff lunch

  • Receipt: Records any money added to your petty cash register
    Example: Any business cash transferred to the petty cash register

Prerequisite: You must create petty cash categories to record transactions of petty cash against those categories. Learn how to create a petty cash category

Record a Petty Cash Transaction

1. In the Appointment Book, click an open time slot and select Petty Cash from the context menu.

The Petty Cash Ledger opens.

2. Make an entry for the petty cash transaction as follows:

Entry Type

Based on the type of transaction, select one of the following options:

  • Expenses: Select this option to record a petty cash expense transaction (for example, cash spent for staff lunch).

  • Receipts: Select this option to record any money that is added to your petty cash register (for example, transfer of business cash to petty cash).

Source (only applicable for Receipts)

This option is available only when you select the Entry Type as Receipts.
You can use this option to specify the source of money for petty cash.
Select one of the following options:

  • Business Cash: Select this option if you are going to add some money from the cash register (business cash) towards the petty cash balance.

  • Other: Select this option if you are adding funds from any other source (other than business cash).
    Example: If you or any of your co-workers spend your personal money, you can select this option.


Select an appropriate category from the list to record petty cash expense or addition of funds (receipts) against that category. 


Enter a short description for the expense or receipt.
Example: Payment for coffee supplies


Enter the amount that you want to give account for as an expense or receipt.

3. Click Add.

Zenoti adds the petty cash expense or receipt and updates the current balance next to the Amount field.

4. Click Save.

Zenoti saves the petty cash transaction record.

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