Permissions required: To transfer business cash to petty cash, you must have the View permission enabled for Petty Cash for your role at the organization level (Admin icon > Organization >  Security Roles > Role Name > Permissions > Administrator).

To transfer business cash to petty cash

1.  In the Appointment Book, click an open time slot and select Petty Cash.

    The Petty Cash Ledger opens.

2. Make an entry for the transfer as follows:

  • Entry Type: Receipts

  • Source: Business Cash

  • Category: Select the appropriate petty cash category

  • Description: Enter a description for the transfer
    Example: Petty Cash for Refreshments

  • Amount: Enter the amount that you want to transfer

3. Click Add.
   The entry appears as a petty cash receipt.

4. Click OK.
    The transfer of business cash to petty cash is recorded.

The recorded transfer of business cash to petty cash reflects in the petty cash amount on the Close Payments page (click an open time slot > select Close Payments from the Appointment Book's context menu). The following is a reference image of a petty cash entry at the end of the day's closing.

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