Important: The tips percentage you configure here is calculated based on the actual prices of the services in the invoice. The tips calculation does not consider any taxes, service price discounts, and retail items (such as products). Learn more

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Go to Organization > Centers.

  3. On the Manage Centers page, click the name of the center for which you want to set up the tips percentage.

  4. Select the Settings tab, and then expand Invoice & Receipt.

  5. In the Suggested Tip field, enter a percentage value (a number followed by the percent sign %. See the following reference image).

    6. Click Save

    7.  Repeat the above steps to set up tips for other centers.

While collecting payments in the Point of Sale window, Zenoti automatically fills the Tips field with the percentage specified in the Suggested Tip field. This behavior also appears in Zenoti Mobile.

Example: If you enter 20% in the Suggested Tip field, the Point of Sale window calculates and displays 20% of the total undiscounted service price of an invoice in the Tip field, excluding any taxes, discounts, and retail items.

Note: If there is no Suggested tip configured, then the tip amount appears as '0' in Mobile POS and based on your guest's choice you can enter a tip amount.

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