1.  Open the Guest Details page from the Appointment Book.

2. Click the General tab (if not already selected by default).

3. Scroll down to the Payment Accounts section and against Credit Card, click Add         Account
Note: The payment processor for the center must be configured for you to be able to see this section in the guest profile.

    The Add Payment Account page opens.

4. Enter the following information:

  • Address Line 1 and Line 2: Enter the address used for billing purposes

  • City: Enter the city name used for billing purposes

  • Zip code: Enter the zip code used for billing purposes

  • Country: Select the country for billing purposes

5. Click Submit.
    The Card Information page appears.

6. Click inside the Card Number field and swipe the card to record the card details. 

7. Click Submit.  
   A confirmation message appears.

8. Click OK.
    The card details appear in the guest's profile.

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