An opportunity or a sales opportunity is essentially a sales lead that represents a potential customer who may contribute to your revenue. You can use opportunities to sell memberships, packages, products, or services. However, it makes the most sense to use opportunities to drive your memberships and packages because these segments tend to get in higher revenues by their sheer volumes.

You can create an opportunity for any guest or caller who expresses interest in purchasing a membership, package, product, or service but has not yet made the actual purchase. For the same reason, Zenoti makes it easy for you to create opportunities or sales leads when a membership or package is due to expire. An opportunity is, therefore, a potential sale to a new or existing customer that you have not yet closed.

Since every single opportunity represents a potential for revenue generation, it is a good idea for you to keep opportunity-related details up-to-date so as to ensure that reports are updated accordingly and decision makers - center managers, sales owners, call center executives - have access to the latest information at their fingertips to convert these opportunities to actual sales.

Who owns Opportunities or Sales Leads?

You can create Opportunities only at the Center level because this is where your actual business is and this is where you get your revenues.

You can assign a default Sales Owner for all Opportunities at the Center level. That is, irrespective of the means by which an Opportunity was created (walk-in, phone call, click on website, Membership expiry, Package expiry, or Opportunity Campaign), the Sales Owner you specify at the Center level, owns all Sales Opportunities of the Center. If you do not specify a default Sales Owner at the Center in this manner, the application assigns the Center Manager (employee with Manager role permissions) as the Sales Owner for all Sales Opportunities for the Center.

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