Non-recurring memberships are pre-paid memberships where guests usually pay the membership fee in one go and use the benefits of the membership throughout the valid period.

Typically, non-recurring memberships run for a longer term such as a year (365 days), which means such memberships automatically expire a year after Purchase Date. For example, if a guest purchases a recurring membership on 15 July 2021, the membership automatically expires on 15 July 2022.

To create an Opportunity when a non-recurring membership expires

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Go to Organization > Organizations > Settings tab.

  3. Expand the General section.

  4. Enter a number of days in Create Opportunity on Membership Expiry __ days before expiry.
    Example: If you enter 2 days here, then the application creates an Opportunity two (2) days before a Membership expires. This means, that if a Membership expires on 11 Aug 2021 then Zenoti automatically creates an Opportunity for the same member on 9 Aug 2021. The Sales Owner, Center Head, or Call Center Executive can then look up the appropriate Reports and take the necessary action such as reaching out to the guest/member and persuading him or her to renew the membership.

  5. Click Save.
    Zenoti creates an opportunity for a non-recurring membership when it expires.

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