Recurring memberships allow guests to pay the membership fee at regular intervals. Typically, recurring memberships run for a shorter term such as a month (30 days), which means such memberships automatically expire 30 days after Purchase Date.  

Benefits for such members usually tend to be fewer, but such members have it easier on the pocket. For example, if a guest purchases a recurring membership on 15 July 2016, the membership automatically expires on 15 Aug 2016.

Since the member has to pay at regular intervals, usually you set up the application to automatically deduct the membership fee directly from the member’s credit card or bank account. In this way, each time you collect the payment, you can retain the Membership Status as it is and each time you fail to collect the payment, you can either Suspend or Cancel the Membership.

To create an opportunity when a recurring membership expires

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  2. Click the Settings tab and expand Memberships.

  3. Go to Recurring Payments - Dunning Settings. As a rule, always try to collect the payment a few times. Only if you fail to collect the Membership Fee after a few attempts, proceed to Suspend or Cancel the Membership.

  4. Enter the number of days for Attempt to Collect Payment every __ days. Example: If you enter 1 day here, it means that Zenoti will attempt to collect payment every (1) day from the Member.

  5. Select the appropriate status for Change Membership Status to ___ after __ tries. You can select statuses such as Cancel, Suspend, Skip.
    Example: You may enter Change Membership Status to Suspend after 3 tries. This means, that Zenoti will try to collect payment for 3 days before suspending or canceling a guest’s membership. Note: Since the application was unable to receive the Membership Fee, the membership is either Cancelled or Suspended and therefore represents an Opportunity to again convert it into a Sale.

  6. Select the checkbox Create an Opportunity to follow-up and specify when you want to send an email to the member informing him or her to renew the Membership using the option Send EMail __ Days (Before/After) Expiration.
    Important: Ensure that the Membership Expiry Reminder (Mail and Text) is turned On at the Organization level from Organizations > Email/Texts > Memberships and Packages section.
    In this way, the member is aware of his Membership status and can take necessary action.
    Important: Ensure the Opportunity Create option is turned On at the Organization level from Organizations > Email/Texts > Employee so that when Zenoti creates a new Opportunity (for membership expiry), the appropriate Sales Owner, Center Manager, or Call Center Executive is notified.

  7. Click Save.
    Zenoti creates an opportunity for a recurring membership when it expires.

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