When you plan to offer discounts to your guests, especially on retail, you might want to decide on which item, should the discount be applied. For example, if you want to make an offer such as: Get 40% discount on purchase of Cool Skin Care Combo that contains a Facial Mask (40$) + Skin Toner (60$) + Aloe Vera Cream (90$), you need to decide on which product in the combo, you would like to apply the 40% discount during the billing - the least priced product or the most expensive product.

When you create an item level discount in Zenoti, the discount, by default is set to be applied to the least priced item in an invoice. If you want to apply a discount on the most expensive item, you can change the setting in the Create or Edit Discount page.

To apply a discount on the most expensive item:

  1. Open the Create Discount window. (Marketing > Offers > Discounts > Add)

  2. Click the item level option.

  3. Next to Apply On, select the Most Priced Items option.

As per our example discount offer: Cool Skin Care Combo, if you select Least priced items, the discount will be applied on Facial Mask (40$) and if you select Most priced items then, the discount will be applied on Aloe Vera cream (90$).

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