There are several possible reasons for a failed delivery of an email or text message notification. 

The following are some common scenarios and troubleshooting tips:  

  • Verify that there is enough email and text message (SMS) credits in the center to send notifications. You can view your available credits in the right panel at the organization or center level.
    Note: To purchase email/text credits, go to Purchase SMS and email credits.

  • Do the following in the Employee Profile:
    - Verify if the service provider has a valid phone number/email address.
    - Ensure that Receive Transactional Emails and Receive Transactional Text               Messages (SMS) checkboxes are selected.

  • Check if the following checkbox is selected in the employee profile of the provider providing the service.
    Checkbox: Send confirmation email/text to guests for appointments scheduled for this employee [from Employee > Employee > Employee Name > General tab (last option)].

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