Collections in Zenoti is the total amount collected from guests in the form of Cash, Card, Check, and Custom Payments for the invoices raised by the centers. Collections amount include the amount collected for tax.

For example, consider the following:

In the above example, the amount collected by the center is $95 (Massage Price - Discount + Tax).

Collection reported by Zenoti is also $95 (amount collected by the center).

Note: If no tax is applicable and the invoice is paid, then Sales and Collections values will be the same.

Collections representation in Zenoti Reports

In Zenoti Reports, the values that appear in Collections column or field is determined by the following:

  • Invoices: Both Open and Closed invoices are considered.

  • Payment Types: Only Cash, Card, Check, and Custom Payments are considered.

  • Day: The day on which payment is made for the invoice.
    Example: If a guest books an appointment and avails a service on 11th, but makes the payment on 12th, the collection of the item (in this case, service) is reflected on 12th in Zenoti reports.

  • Discounts: Includes discounts

  • Tax: Includes taxes

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