Rebooked appointments speak to your center's ability to encourage your guests for repeat visits and sell services.

Note: When a guest with an appointment on the current date, makes a new booking for a later date, the future appointment is known as Rebooked Appointments. For example, if a guest has an appointment on July 1 and on the same day they book another appointment for July 10, the appointment for July 10 is considered as a Rebooked appointment. 

Note that Rebooked appointments are different from retention in that the precondition for rebooked appointments is that the guest must book a future appointment when they have a scheduled appointment on the current day. 

Rebooked Appointments report provides key operational insights such as the following:

  • The number and percentage of your guests who have rebooked appointments in a selected time period.

  • The number and percentage of rebooked appointments measured by services in a selected time period.

For details on how to use the report, click the following button:

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