Using an Opportunity Campaign you can create a new Sales Opportunity for your sales team whenever a membership is about to expire.
For example, if you use an Always On Campaign to send out a Membership renewal email 30 days before the Membership expires, you can then also set up an Opportunity Campaign to automatically create opportunities for guests whose Memberships are about to expire so that you can track follow ups. This ensures that someone follows-up on the Membership renewal, in addition to sending out an email message telling the guest that their Membership is about to expire.

Prerequisite: This article assumes that you have:

  • The Send/Schedule Opportunity Campaign permission is enabled for your role (Admin > Organizations > Security Role Permission > Permissions).
    Note: If this permission is not enabled, you can still go ahead and create an opportunity campaign.

  • Created a target segment. 

To create an Opportunity Campaign:

1. At the organization level, click the Marketing icon.

2. Navigate to Campaigns > Opportunity.

3. Based on your requirement, Add one of the following campaigns:

  • Add Scheduled Campaign: Scheduled campaigns let you send opportunities on a scheduled date and time.

  • Add Always on Campaign: Always on campaigns let you set up a series of opportunities and then lets Zenoti send them out at the right time.

4. Depending on your selection, either Create Scheduled Campaign or
    Create Always On Campaign page opens.

5. Complete the following steps:

Step 1: Enter Campaign info

  • Campaign Name: Enter a name for the Campaign.
    Example: Hair Color follow up. 

  • Rule Code: Enter a Rule Code for the Campaign.
    Example: PROMOH003 

  • Description: Enter an appropriate description.
    Example: Check if the new hair color we have adopted is liked by our guests or not. 

  • Opportunity Description: Enter a description for the opportunity.
    Example: Check if the new Almaeda hair color is already fading or doing good. 

  • Select Opportunity Type: Select the opportunity type.
    Example: Laser. 

Click Done.

Step 2: Select Centers

  • Select Centers: Select the Centers within your Organization for which you want to enable this Campaign. 

  • Select Target Segment: Select the Target Segment.
    Note: You should have already created your Target Segments so that they appear in this drop-down list. To get the exact number of guests in the selected target segment, click Count.

  • Follow up within __ days: Specify the number of days within which you want the follow-up to be done. 

  • Close the Opportunity within __ days: Specify the number of days in which you expect the Opportunity to be closed. 

Click Done.

Step 3: Save and publish.
Based on your requirement, select either Save and Close, Send now, or Schedule a time.

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