Marketing campaigns in Zenoti are a combination of a discount, cashback, or loyalty points offer associated with a particular target segment. Campaigns allow you to offer discounts, cashback, or loyalty points on invoices to guests and can also be used to send personalized marketing offer messages to clients directly in the form of SMS or Emails. 

Campaigns in Zenoti can be of the following types:

  • Text Message campaigns and Email campaigns: If you design such a campaign, Zenoti can send an SMS (text) message or an Email to a list of customers about the offer.

  • Media campaigns: When you create a Media campaign, Zenoti will not send out any SMS or Email messages to guests, because media campaigns are physical advertisements you publish in newspapers or magazines about discounts and offers. However, for the software to track how much revenue you got from these campaigns and the number of customers it attracted, you can create a Media campaign in Zenoti. 

  • Opportunity campaigns: You can create an Opportunity campaign to create a new sales opportunity for your sales team whenever a membership is about to expire.
    For example, if you use an Always On Campaign to send out a Membership renewal email 30 days before a Membership expires, you can then also set up an Opportunity Campaign to automatically create opportunities for guests whose Memberships are about to expire so that you can track follow-ups.

  • Notes campaigns: A Notes campaign is essentially a campaign to add Guest Notes automatically to Guest Profiles that meet a particular target segment.
    For example, you can add a Guest Note such as "Ask the guest for a valid phone number and email address" to a target segment of guests created on the current day and whose phone number or email address are not verified. You can further configure when such Note should appear - such as during check-in. This way, the Note acts like a handy reminder to the front desk to ask for valid contact details from the guest when they come in for an appointment. 

  • Custom coupon campaigns: A custom coupon campaign is a personalized discount campaign targeting a particular target segment to promote new services, products, or memberships. The custom coupon can be different for every guest depending upon their buying patterns. This coupon is printed on the receipt itself and is valid for the guest's next visit.

What set up is required before creating a campaign?

Since campaigns can combine a discount with a target segment, first create the discount, then the target segment, and finally, create the campaign. 

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