Zenoti's Consumer Mobile App (CMA) lets your guests download a mobile app of your spa\salon, select a center, view the digital catalog of your services, products, packages, and memberships online. If you want to show some of your membership plans in your mobile app or Webstore, use the settings explained below. 

These settings are available when you are creating either a recurring or a non-recurring membership in the Catalog tab.

You can access these options when creating a membership and when you edit a membership.

Note: The mobile application feature must be activated for the center before you can show the memberships in the app. 

  • Show in Catalog: Select this checkbox to show membership in the Webstore and the consumer mobile application of the center. 

  • Display Name: Enter a display name for this membership in the catalog. 

  • Display Price: Enter the price of the membership. 

  • Display Order: Enter a display order from the top for this membership in the list of memberships shown in the catalog. 

  • Show Price: If you want to show the price of the membership in the catalog, select this checkbox. 

  • Allow customer to buy this membership: Select this checkbox to allow the visitors to buy the membership online. If you do not select this checkbox, the membership is only shown on the catalog and cannot be bought. 

  • Youtube Video ID:  If you want to show a Youtube video of the membership, enter and Video ID of the video. To know the Youtube Video ID, pay the video in Youtube and look at the URL of the page. You can see a combination of numbers and letters after an equal sign (=) at the end of the URL. This is the ID you need to enter in this field Page 

  • Page Title: Enter the page title for this membership in the catalog.  

  • Meta Keywords: Enter the meta keywords for the membership. Meta keywords are a specific type of meta tag that appear in the HTML code of a webpage and help the search engines to understand the topics of the page, and also help it locate the page based on the search keywords. 

  • Meta Description: Enter a meta description for the membership in the catalog. A meta description is an HTML element that help search engine understand your page and show the page for relevant searches. 

  • HTML Description:  Enter a description for the membership for consumer mobile app and Webstore. Use HTML for rich description and include images. After you enter the description, click the preview icon next to the box to check how it appears on the app or Webstore. 

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