When you are creating either a recurring or a non-recurring membership, you can define employee commissions for membership sales in the General tab of the Create Membership page. Here, you can also enable commissions for therapists when guest's service credits are used for payment.

The following is the list of fields related to membership commissions, along with their descriptions:

  • Commission on Membership Sale: If you want to pay employees a commission on the sale of the membership, set this to Yes.

  • Commission Adjustment %: The percentage of the commission that must be paid to the employee.You can scale the final commission value to a certain percentage using this field. For example, if you enter 90% here, the employee gets 90% of the commission value that is arrived at based on the commission type. If you do not want to reduce or increase the percentage of commissions, just leave this field at 100%.

  • Commission Type: Select a commission type for the membership from the following options:

- Commissions settings defined in employee or job profiles: Award the
commissions based on the settings in the employee or job profiles.
- Flat amount: Give a fixed amount on selling this membership. Enter the amount
in the Commission box.
- Percentage of discounted price: Give a certain percentage of the cost of the
discounted membership service. Enter the percentage value in the Commission

  • Commission: The flat value or percentage amount based on the selection earlier.

  • Commission Frequency: This is a non-editable field. It displays whether commissions are calculated for each sale, upgrade or renewal, or only for the first sale.

  • Commission on Service Credit Redemption: If turned on, the commission is awarded when the credit amount is used to pay for a service or product.

  • Commission on Member Service Discount Amount: If turned on, the commission is awarded even for discounted services or products. 

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