When you are creating a recurring membership, you must set up the membership charges and the payment intervals.
Some memberships have an enrollment fee. In that case, you must enter the details of the setup fee and other relevant details.

Membership pricing may vary across centers. So the payment criteria is split between the General tab and the Centers tab of the Create Memberships window. 

Below are the fields related to payment criteria for membership plans: 

Centers Tab

  • Sale price: Enter the recurring membership charges. The amount you enter here is charged to the guest in each installment.

  • Setup Fee: Enter the enrollment fee for the membership. It is the one-time fee that will be charged to the clients on selling this membership. If the membership doesn't have a setup fee, leave this field blank.
    Note: If you enter any amount in this Setup Fee field, a separate membership plan is automatically created exclusively for the setup. You need to configure the setup benefits in that plan. 

General Tab

  • Start First Collection After: If you are setting up a membership with a setup fee, you can create it in such a way that the first payment date comes a few days after setup fee. Type the number of days by which they must be set apart in this field. Leave it blank to keep the membership billing date on the same date. You can always change the first billing date from POS.

  • Expiry Period (Appears only when you select the Expiry option in the Expiration field): Enter a specific number of days or months after which the membership expires.

  • Payment Type: You can setup the payment type either in the form of an interval between payments or the total number of monthly installments.
    Based on your preference, enter the details for one of these options:

    Payment Frequency
    Select the frequency of regular membership payments in terms of months. For example, if the membership has quarterly payments, then enter 3 in the box, and for half-yearly payments, enter 6. If the membership requires monthly payments, enter 1.

    Payment Installments
    Alternatively, enter the total number of monthly installments that the client needs to pay for this membership.

  • Lock-in Period: Enter the number of payments that the clients need to complete before they can cancel the membership.

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