Important: The person checking in and checking out the employees in the application must have the 'Checkinout' security role permission to be able to do so. Typically, it is the front-office personnel who perform these tasks but this may vary from organization to organization.

  1. Click Check-in/out on the Zenoti Biometrics app.

  2. Place the finger of the employee for print on the device until the computer displays the message that the fingerprint is authenticated.

  3. Click Check In or Check Out.

Note: You must enroll employees into Zenoti Biometrics to be able to check-in and check out employees.

Note: If an employee is exempted from the biometric check-in and checkout, you must check-in or checkout the employee from the Appointment book by clicking the clock icon for check-in or checkout. 

Alternatively, you can also click the employee's name to check-in and checkout.

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