Important: The person enrolling the fingerprints in the application must have the 'Enrollment' security role permission to be able to do so.

  1. Click Enroll on the Zenoti Biometrics app. Ensure that the biometric device is connected to the computer and the blue light in it is on. If you see a blue light, it indicates that the device is connected properly to the computer.

  2. Select an employee from the drop-down list. Ensure that the finger of the employee is clean and dry.

  3. Place the employee’s finger on the finger print reader device till the application displays a confirmation message that the fingerprint is enrolled successfully.
    Note: Ensure that the employee enrolls only that finger which the employee is going to use for the biometric check in and check out. If an employee enrolls the finger print for a different finger, the previously enrolled finger print is overwritten. You can scan a finger only six times on the device.

Next step: Check-In and Checkout an Employee using the Zenoti Biometrics App

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