When you are creating either a recurring or a non-recurring membership, the first step is to enter basic membership information such as its name, code, and description.
You also need to select the type of membership. 

You can access these options when creating a membership and when you edit a membership.

Below are the descriptions of fields related to general membership information:

  • Membership Name: Enter the name of the membership plan. 

  • Active: Select a Yes if you want to sell this membership from POS. Along with this, the centers where you want to make the memberships available for sale must also be selected in the Centers tab.
    When you want to stop selling this membership, select No here.
    When you set a membership as inactive, the membership is no longer available for sale to customers. Any benefits and credits that existing customers have accrued still hold good and can be applied to their purchases.

  • Membership Code: When you sell a membership to a guest, it must have a unique identification code. The system can auto-generate the code as follows:
    In the Prefix box, enter a common prefix for all memberships sold under this plan.
    In the Seed Value box, enter the first number that must be assigned to the first membership sale. Zenoti automatically increments the number from there for all the following sales. For example, if the seed value of the first sale is 001, the next memberships that are sold automatically have 002, 003, and so on. 

  • Membership Identification: Type a code for identifying this membership plan in Zenoti. Each membership should have a unique identification code. You can use a combination of words and numbers to create one of your choice. 

  • Description: Enter a description for the membership. When you select this membership for sale in POS, the description shows next to the name. This helps your front desk to check if they are selecting the right membership. 

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