When a guest is not entirely pleased with how a service is performed at your center, as compensation, you may offer to perform either the same service or another service for free or at a discounted price. Zenoti’s Redo Appointment functionality enables you to mark a service as a redo service and process a reversal of the initial service provider’s commission.

To mark a service as a redo service

1. In the Appointment Book, create a new appointment for the guest who is requesting
   a redo and add the service that the guest wants as compensation. Learn how

2. Click the appointment block, and select Redo Appointment from the context menu. 

    The Redo Appointment dialog box opens.

3. Select the service that you want to mark as redo from the Service History list.

4. In the Discount for Redo field, enter any discount you want to provide as
    compensation for the redo service in the form of an Absolute (flat) amount or a

5. (Optional) Enter the Price for Penalty Calculation.
The Price for Penalty Calculation determines the additional amount to be
     processed towards the initial provider's commission reversal.

6. Click OK.

7. A confirmation message appears; click OK.
   Zenoti marks the selected service as redo service and processes a reversal of               the initial service provider’s commission.

An appointment can be used to mark redo services any number of times.
However, the reversal of commission only happens once regardless of the number of times a service is marked as redo.

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