Employees who are marked as Educators in their Employee profiles can provide Educator Ratings to the services provided by the therapists whom they oversee.
As Educators, you can see other Educators and can provide ratings on their behalf.  

To enter Educator Ratings for a service:

  1. On the Appointment Book, click the appointment slot for which you want to give Educator Rating.

  2. From the appointment menu, click Enter Educator Rating.
    The Educator Rating window opens with the default 0 value under the Rating field.

  3. Click the Rating box, and enter a suitable rating for the service. 

  4. Click the Educator list to select the name of an Educator on whose behalf you are providing the rating.
    Note: The Educator list consists of the names of only the employees who are marked as Eduactors in their employee profile.

5. Click OK.
Note: After you enter an Educator Rating and click OK, you cannot change the rating.

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