To change a guest's appointment status:

  1. In the Appointment Book, click the appointment whose status you want to change.

  2. Select Change Status.
    The menu shows the current status of the appointment with a checkmark next to it.

        Note: The above image shows the status of an open appointment. The Change             Status options you see vary depending on the present appointment
        status. For example, if you click an appointment whose status is Paid, the Change         Status options you can see are, Reopen and Void.  
    3. Select the appropriate status from the list.
        The Appointment Book changes the appointment block to reflect the updated
Hint: You can also change the appointment statuses in Zenoti Mobile. to know more, see: Zenoti Mobile: Change Appointment Status

Points to Remember about Specific Statuses

  • Cancel, Void, and No show: When you change an appointment status to Cancel, Void, or No show, the appointment no longer appears in the Appointment Book.
    To view appointments that were no-show or canceled appointments click Option on the top panel of the Appointment Book.  
    Important: You need appropriate permissions to cancel an appointment. Contact your center manager or owner to enable the required permission.

Points to consider when canceling appointments

- When you change the appointment status to Cancel, Void, or No show, you
need to add a reason in the Notes box.
- When you cancel an appointment for a guest who has recurring appointments,
Zenoti shows a prompt if you want to cancel the current or all future occurring
- Your business can set up a no-show or a cancellation fee where guests are
charged this amount.

  • Cancel versus Delete: The front-desk staff cancels an appointment when a guest can't make it for an appointment. The front-desk can then follow-up with guests to reschedule appointments at a more convenient time or a date.
    Front-desk staff deletes an appointment in case they book an appointment against a wrong guest, on a wrong date, or for the wrong service. 

  • Status of appointments scheduled in the future: You cannot change the status of a future appointment to Start or Complete.

Undo the Status of an Appointment

In busy centers that manage a high volume of appointments in a day, it is likely that you change the status of a wrong appointment to say, Check-In or Start, by accident. In such cases, you can easily change the status back to the previous status using the Undo option. 

For example, if you marked the wrong appointment as Checked-In, you can undo the action by selecting Undo Check-In

Similarly, if you marked an appointment as Start by mistake, you can undo the action by selecting Undo Start.

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