Zenoti’s Educator or Mentor Ratings are built to provide a mechanism for implementing an internal performance review process for providers. 

Your most experienced service providers set the highest standards of service you want to offer. With Educator Ratings, you can designate such employees as Educators or Mentors and allow them to review and provide ratings for the services completed by other providers.

Note: You can use other terms for the label Educator such as Mentor using a center-level setting.

By mentoring employees and investing in their development, you’ll be able to improve overall service quality and build staff loyalty. 

To use educator ratings, you need to:

Your educators are further supported with the ability to define and track performance goals for each employee using the following reports:

  • Employee Performance Report

  • Educator/Mentor Ratings Report

You can also track various metrics around mentors or educators themselves by using the following report:

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