All employees in a given center may receive commissions when a center achieves a given target of say, $10 million. The center manager may want to share the profits with all employees who contributed to this landmark. Or, in some cases, newly-opened centers may want to boost the morale of employees by offering a commission to all employees of the Center for the first three months after opening. This is called a Center-based commission.

Zenoti calculates Center Commission as a percentage of the total revenue generated by the employee over a pay period; center commissions may have a validity period (such as 3 months). 

 To define center-based commissions:

  1. Go to Admin > Organizations > Centers > Name of a Center.

  2. Enter a Percentage and Valid Till date in the Incentive field in the General tab. In the following screenshot, all employees of the Los Angeles Center will earn 10% of total revenue earned per pay period as Center Commission till 31 March 2017. 

Worked Example and Impact on Employee Reports 

Consider the following:

  • Incentive: 10%

  • Valid Till: 3 months

  • Revenue generated by the employee during the latest pay period: $300

  • Center commission earned by the employee for the current pay period*: $30
    (that is, 10% of $300)
    Note: The Center Commission earned by the employee for the next two months depends on the revenue generated by the employee over the corresponding pay periods.

If this is the scenario, the Employee Commissions Report displays the Center commission in a separate column. 

Best Practise: To view all the columns of the report, always export these reports - the UI shows fewer columns.

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