Recurring memberships allow guests to pay the membership fee at regular intervals in terms of months and you can set up the different schedules for benefits depending on the payment schedules. 

Membership plans are set up for the entire organization and not for a particular center. After you create a membership plan for the organization, you can go ahead and assign to the centers where you want to use. 

The following are the major steps to create a recurring membership plan

Step 1: Access the Create Membership Page

  1. At the organization level, click the Marketing icon.

  2. Navigate to Memberships > Memberships.

  3. Click Add Recurring Membership.

You can use the Create Membership page to create a recurring membership by following the steps mentioned in this article.

Step 2: Enter General Membership Information

In this step, you define the outline of the membership. Based on your choices in is step, you will be required to provide more information in further steps.

  1. Enter basic membership information such as its name, code, identification, and description. Learn about the fields available while set up basic membership information

  2. Indicate whether the membership is active.
    When you set a membership to Inactive, the membership is no longer available for sale to customers. Any benefits and credits that existing customers have accrued still hold good and can be applied to their purchases.

  3. In the Define section, indicate what fees are applicable to the membership. The options you select here will appear on the Centers tab, where you can specify the actual numbers.
    Indicate whether the membership is a ​one-time offer​​. You can choose to sell the membership only to new guests or to both new and existing guests. If you do not see this option, check the administrator settings.

  4. Enter validity information for the membership.
    a. Validity: If the membership expires after a specific period, select Fixed Expiry         and enter the Expiry Period (this can be in days or months).
    b. Validity Starts: Choose at what point the validity of the membership starts. This    can be either From Sale Date or At First Redemption.
    c. For recurring memberships, you need to set up the membership charges and    
        the payment intervals.    
         Payment Frequency: Select the frequency of regular membership payments in      terms of months. For example, if the membership has quarterly payments,    
         then enter 3 in the box, and for half-yearly payments, enter 6. If the
         membership requires monthly payments, enter 1.    
         Payment Installments: Alternatively, enter the total number of monthly    
         installments that the client needs to pay for this membership.

  5. Select how benefits and discounts are applied. Based on the options you select here, Zenoti shows you the options to set up or enable these features.

  6. Select how commissions are calculated.
    a. Commission on Membership Sale: If you pay employees commissions on   membership sales, set this to Yes.
    b. Commission Adjustment: You can scale the final commission value to a certain     percentage using this field. For example, if you enter 90% here, the employee       gets 90% of the commission value that is arrived at based on the commission
        type (explained above). If you do not want to reduce or increase the
        percentage of commissions, just leave this field blank.
    c. Commission Type: Select a commission type for the membership from the      
        following options:
        - Commissions settings defined in employee or job profiles: Award the        
          commissions based on the settings in the employee or job profiles.
        - Flat amount: Give a fixed amount on selling this membership. Enter the
          amount in the Commission box.
        - Percentage of discounted price: Give a certain percentage of the cost of the
          discounted membership service. Enter the percentage value in the
          Commission box. 

  7. Set up Advanced Properties.
    Learn how to set up advanced properties for memberships.

Step 3: Enter Service Credit Information

In this step, define how service credits are handled. This step appears only if you have set Membership Benefits to Service Credits or to Both.
Learn how to enable transfer of service credits.

Step 4: Enter Service Discount Information

In this step, define how service discounts are handled for the membership. This step appears only if you have set Service Discount to Yes.
Learn how to set up service discounts for a membership

Step 5: Enter Product Discount Information

In this step, define how product discounts are handled for the membership. This step appears only if you have set Product Discount to Yes.
Learn how to set up product discounts for a membership

Step 6: Enter Center Information

In this step, customize how centers can offer the membership.
Learn how to customize a membership plan for a center

Step 7: Enter Catalog Information

In this step, define how the membership may be offered on the Webstore.
Learn how to display a membership plan on Webstore and CMA

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