You can waive membership charges of a later date and not of those whose date has already arrived. 

It is important to understand exactly how the waiver works before you waive a payment. Here are some scenarios to explain this.

  • The first invoice payment is waived, then the recurring collections will be generated with the price as 0.

  • The first invoice payment is given a 100% discount, then the recurring payments will be generated with the price as 0.

  • The payment for the first invoice is collected, but you refund the first invoice at the transaction level before collecting the payment for the second invoice, the recurring memberships will be generated with the price as 0.

  • Multiple payments have collected, you refund the first invoice payment (invoice-level refund), it will not create the recurring membership with the price as 0.

To waive a membership payment

  1. Open the guest history page.

  2. Click the Membership tab.

  3. Click the name of the membership whose charge you want to waive.

  4. On the top right-hand side of the membership details window, click Waive Collections.

5. On the Waive Collections window, enter the following:

  • In the Waive Next box, enter the number of future charges that you want to skip. 

  • Click Add.
    Note: This applies to charges that are coming in the future, and not to the unpaid ones that are past their due date. For example, if a guest's membership charge was scheduled for yesterday and isn't  yet paid, waiving one charge doesn't skip yesterday's charge, but to the charge scheduled next. 

  • Check the Award Credits checkbox if you want to let the guest accrue credit value or service credits that come with the charge.

After you waive the charge, the invoice for the charge is generated on the scheduled date for zero amount.

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