Read the Intro to Membership with Setup Fee for a comprehensive understanding of how these memberships work, along with details around the payments and benefits. 

To sign up a guest for a membership with a setup fee

  1. Open POS and enter the necessary guest details. 

  2. In the lower left-hand pane of the window, click the Membership tab.

  3. From the Membership drop-down list, select the recurring membership that the guest wants to sign up for.  
    Note: Zenoti auto-fills the membership price, setup fee and shows the description, if any, next to the Membership field. Read the description to check if you have selected the correct membership.  

  4. In the Sale By list, select the name of the employee who sold the membership. 

  5. In the Bill Date field, the current date is selected by default. Click the calendar icon next to the field to select a different date for the first membership due.  

6. Click Add Membership. The following alert appears, letting you know that a
    separate invoice has been created for the first membership due

7. Only the setup fee is added to the current invoice. 

 8. In the Collect Payment screen, select the payment type. The same payment type is
     used for all the membership payments. 

  9. Click Add Payment to collect the setup fee.

A separate invoice opens for the first membership due as follows:

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