You can define service commissions at the job level as a flat amount or a percentage of the service price. For example, for a service worth $75, you can define if you want to have a certain percentage (5%) of $75 as commission or, you can define a flat amount ($10) as commission.

To configure service commission at the Job level:

  1. Ensure that you are at the Organization level.

  2. Go to Employee > Jobs > Name of the Job.
    Example: Therapist

  3. Click the Services tab.

  4. Click a service if you want to add commission to an individual service.

  5. Enter the flat amount or the commission percentage with the (%) symbol.
    Note: To configure commission at the service category level, define the commission percentage or flat amount for the service category. This ensures all the sub-categories and services under the category honor the same value. 

6. Click Save.

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