When you sell a membership with the first payment scheduled for future, the membership becomes active only after the first payment is successfully collected. The billing cycle starts from the day of collection. Also, the payment mode that you use for the first membership charge, like cash or credit card, is used for all the remaining membership drafts. However, if you pay the first charge using prepaid or gift cards, the default payment mode for the next drafts becomes cash. 

You can change the payment mode after you sell the membership. 

To sign up a guest for a recurring membership with future payment

  1. Open POS and enter the necessary guest details. 

  2. In the lower left-hand pane of the window, click the Membership tab.

  3. From the Membership drop-down list, select the recurring membership that the guest wants to sign up for.  
    : Zenoti auto fills the membership price and shows the description next to the Membership field. Check the details to see if you have selected the correct membership. 

  4. In the Sale By list, select the name of the employee who sold the membership. 

  5. In the Bill Date field, the current date is selected by default. Click the calendar icon next to the field to select a different date for membership. 

  6. Click Add Membership.

  7. In the Collect Payment screen, select the payment type. 

  8. When you schedule the payment for a future date, the Collect Payment section shows Save Payment button, instead of Add Payment.

9. Click Save Payment.  An alert appears with the follow message:
    Future bill date saved successfully and Recurring collection will start from <date>

10. Click OK.  

Collecting the future payment

You can go the membership details page in the Guest profile to check the open invoice. If the guest selects an Online Credit Card for payment, the amount is automatically collected from the card. If the guest uses other payments methods, such as Cash or Offline Credit card, you need to open the invoice and collect the payment here:
Guest History page > Memberships > [click] Membership name > Payment History

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