When you sell a membership from the current date, the membership billing cycle begins the same day. Also, the payment mode that you use for the first membership charge, like cash or credit card, is used for all the remaining membership drafts. However, if you pay the first charge using prepaid or gift cards, the default payment mode for the next drafts becomes cash. 

You can change the payment mode after you sell the membership. 

To sell a recurring membership

  1. Open POS and enter the necessary guest details. 

  2. In the lower left-hand pane of the window, click the Membership tab.

  3. From the Membership drop-down list, select the recurring membership that the guest wants to sing up for.  
    Note: Zenoti auto fills the membership price and if there is a description, shows it next to the Membership field. Check the details to see if you selected the right membership. 

  4. In the Sale By list, select the name of the employee who sold the membership. 

  5. In the Bill Date field, the current date is selected by default. You can schedule the billing date for future, in which case this invoice remains open until the future date.  

6. Click Add Membership.

7. Use the Collect Payment section to take payment for the membership.
   The membership is added for the guest. You can see the following in the invoice    

  •  A message appears in the Multiple Commission window that displays the provider who would receive commissions for every future recurring payment.

  • A new information icon appears next to the discount amount under the Discount column in the invoice. When the front-desk staff hovers over it, a message appears informing if any discount awarded towards the recurring membership is applicable on all future recurring payments.

  • On the right-hand side, you can see payment related information like payment amount, default payment type used for collecting recurring payments, and scheduled date for next payment. There is also a link to view the membership details. 

You can optionally do the following while selling the membership:

  • To apply any discount, enter the amount in the Discount on Invoice box and click the arrow next to it.

  • If the customer has a cash back or a custom coupon which is redeemable on the membership, enter the coupon number in the Coupon # field and click the arrow button next to it to apply it.

  • If there is any active marketing campaign going on for the membership, click Campaign list and select the campaign.  
    Note: Depending on how you have set up Zenoti, any discount you offer on the first purchase of a recurring membership to a guest may be offered on all subsequent invoices of that membership, or the discount may apply to only the first invoice of the membership. For example, if a recurring membership requires a monthly payment of $100 on which you give a discount of $10, then the guest has to pay $90. You can set up Zenoti such that the $10 discount is applied to every monthly invoice or it is applied on only the first invoice. In the first case, the guest pays $90 every month. In the second case, the guest pays $90 for the first month and $100 for subsequent months.

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