You can use the Appointment Book to create a group appointment for multiple guests that are part of the same group and want to avail the same or different services. This way, you need not book each guest separately and process separate payments. 

The Group Appointment feature allows you to do the following in one go:

  • Search and book appointments for existing guests in the group

  • Apply membership discounts and package benefits (for existing guests)

  • Generate a single invoice for the whole group

  • Create new guest records (for new guests in the group)
    Note: The group appointment by itself cannot create a new guest profile by default. When the front desk checks in a guest for an appointment, this action creates the new guest profile.

To book a group appointment

1. Click an open slot in the Appointment Book, and then select New Group Appointment.

The Group Booking page opens.

2. Specify the guest's details.

3. Based on whether the guest wants to avail a service or package, do the following: 

  • To add a service:
    - Select Service.
    - Start typing the name of the service in the Service field, and then select a match   from the list of auto suggestions
    - Select a therapist in the Therapist field or state your preference of therapist in       the Request list.
      You can click the Availability button to view and select available therapists.
    - Select the start time of the service. The end time automatically appears based       on the duration of the service, as configured in your center or organization.
    - If applicable, select a room
    - Click Add Service.

  • To add a package:
    - (Prerequisite) Ensure that your organization already has day packages created     and configured so that they are available in your Appointment Book.
    - Select Package.
    - Select a package from the Package list
      You can click the Availability button to view and select available therapists.
    - Click Add Package.

4. Click the Clear icon to clear the records of the first guest and book an appointment for the next guest in the group.

5. Repeat Step 2 to Step 4 for each guest in the group.

6. Click Save to save the appointment to the Appointment Book, or click Take                    Payment to proceed to collect payment.

The group appointment appears in the Appointment Book, as follows: 

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