Zenoti enables you to set up a list of specific reasons that your employees can select from when they cancel a membership.This helps you analyze why members drop out. You can use the Comments box during cancellation to type any additional notes, so you have access to relevant and complete information related to cancellations. The Membership Status report in the Marketing module helps you track the reasons for all the canceled memberships regularly.

  1. Make sure you select the organization view.

  2. On the main menu, click Admin.

  3. On the Admin Dashboard, click Setup, and then click Reasons

  4. On the Manage Reasons window, click Add.

  5. Enter a Name, Code, and Description for the cancellation. Ensure that the Code you enter is unique for each cancellation reason.

  6. The Active checkbox is automatically selected to show this reason in the Reasons list.  

Note: Zenoti shows only active reasons while cancelling memberships. If you do not want a reason to show up in the list of cancellation reasons, clear the Active checkbox.

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