A day package is a combination of services that guests can purchase at a discounted price, thus encouraging higher average invoice prices. Guests must avail all the services of the day package on the same day.

Example: You could sell a manicure ($25) and pedicure ($25) that has a total cost of $50, for a discounted total price ($42) in a day package. Similarly, you can create a day package that combines a scrub ($70), manicure ($25), pedicure ($25), and a deep tissue massage ($60) that would normally cost $180. But, by offering these services for a cheaper price ($160), you can encourage guests to try out all these services. 

Prerequisite: Your organization must already have day packages created and configured so that they are available in your Appointment Book.
Important: You cannot book a day package from the Point of Sale (POS) window - you must use the Appointment Book for such bookings.

To Book a Day Package from within the Appointment Book

1. Open the Appointment Info panel

Use one of the following methods to open the Appointment Info panel:

  • Option 1: Click an open time slot of a service provider, and then select New Appointment.

  • Option 2: If the appointment is for an existing guest, enter the guest's name, email, phone, or code in the Search box, and then click Book against the relevant record.

The Appointment Info panel opens.

2. Specify the guest's details

Learn how to add a new or existing guest's details in the Appointment Info panel

3. Add a package

a) Click the Package tab, and then select a package from the Package list. 

The Price field automatically displays the price of the package as configured while creating it.

b) Click Add Package.

The Appointment Info panel automatically displays the services included in the package as configured while creating it.

4. Save appointment or collect payment

Click Save, or Take Payment if you want to proceed to collect payment.

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