Canceling a membership stops all pending and future collections. 

You can cancel a membership immediately or schedule it for a future date. For example, a guest might inform you that she is relocating in three months. You can then set the membership to cancel on a specified date in three months.

If the membership has remaining benefits, you can choose to allow the customer to use the remaining benefits for some more time. You can define a termination date - a date until which the account should remain active. The guest can use the remaining benefits until the termination date, without making any further payments.

Canceled Memberships: Statuses, Benefits, and Key Actions


  • Collection or Recurrence Status: Membership cancellation refers to its collection or recurrence status changing to Cancelled.
    If you cancel a membership on the same date, the cancellation is immediate.
    If you schedule the cancellation for a future date, it gets canceled at 12:00 AM on the selected date.

  • Membership Status: If the termination date is different from the cancellation date, the membership status remains active until the termination date.
    If the termination and cancellation dates are the same, the membership status changes to Canceled along with the recurrence status. 

Learn how to cancel a membership


The accrued benefits on a canceled membership can or cannot be used based on termination date and your organization settings. 

Important actions:

Create membership cancellation reasons

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